Thursday, March 12, 2009


Incident One
It's the time when I was preparing myself to go to UK for my higher study.Before my departure my dad gave me an advice--- stay far far away from Black People (African people)!!??!! The country I have grown up not much African peoples lives there. Some might be staying for business or job purpose-though the number is very few.I didn't have much idea or any prejudice on Black people.My dad has been involved in business in U.A.E for decades,he might has some bitter experience back his advise.When I was staying in London--the nicest person I had come in contact with was a Nigerian Lady-Mercy Otusi.Very humble,hard working,soft spoken,helpful & God believer.
I had to disagree with my dad.Black people are as nice as any other white or brown skinner can be!!
Incident Two
Being in Network Marketing business, the vast part is PROSPECTING--looking for people who would be interested in my business opportunity.I used to distribute leaflets.Whenever I used to go out I handed out leaflets,every where,every time.Interested people used to call me to find out more.From the conversation I tried to figure out other person's need,personality, current situation etc.So one day I got another call.A male voice asking me more information about the business who got my contact details from my leaflet some where.From the conversation I felt the person is not fluent in English, not impressive & not going to join my business.But I've fixed an appointment with him anyway to show him more.He joined the business & he is the most successful distributor in my team since then!He completely believes in the Company,the Business & himself! He aught to be Successful!
It's not about the fluency of a language spoken but the enthusiasm & faith on words spoken make the difference.
Incident Three
There is one couple who's in my social contact.I didn't have much high idea about any of them.Both dressed very old fashioned,the hair style is not a word to suit their hair,the voice--everything,I mean everything made them so insignificant --that I categorized them as bellow general.One day I had a chance to talk to the wife.I came to know that she had done her post-graduation,had a very high paid prestigious job & been a Principal of a College!!She is a very sincere,friendly & humble person.I was feeling dump!The husband had also been an employee of a Multi-national company after completing his Doctorate Degree!Currently a University Lecturer!!I was totally speechless & ashamed of my previous judgement I'd made on them.
It's not the outward look nor the up-to-date fashion that enlightens someone.The real value comes from one's education & experience.
These three different incidents taught me something invaluable.
NOT the Skin Color NOR the Communication Skill NOR the Physical Attire can ever be the ultimate media to pass a judgment on any body.
We only should look for the inside value of a person which comes as trust,faith,courage,wisdom,honesty,hard-work,helpfulness,friendliness & vision with him.
Even GOD doesn't judge a man before his times up,who are we to dare so??

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  1. Awesome article. It's true that we do pre-judge others, and even ourselves at times. It's far too easy to condemn others, when we need to be looking inside. Thank you for providing such great information!