Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is a tribute to my MOM who is always in my heart....
My mother (Layla Arjumand Banu) was sick since I was 6 years old.She was suffering from Rheumatoid Atheritise, a painful disease of joints.She was sick for more than 20 years before passing away.Most of the time she used to lie down on her bed.Her condition was so bad that she could barely move inside the house, let alone going outside for socializing.Her only way to communicate to the outer world was her telephone, which was on her bedside table till her last days.She used to talk to other, listen to their problems and giving them useful suggestions.Sometimes people used come to our house to unburden their sorrows & pain with her.She was always sympathetic & helpful.
I remember one day I was upset.I said, "why do you let people come to you with their problems when you have enough on your own plate?" I was concerned as she was not well herself ! She then answered me very softly, "I feel better when I listen to their problems & able to help them"!!!??!!!
A total new realization came to me, even the most sick person can feel better by helping someone else!! What a Great Victory of Humanity!!!

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