Friday, January 2, 2009


This is from my personal experience--
It was in the year 2005, I was in London,UK. I was there for my all other international students I had found a part-time job to help me with my expenses.One day I was returning from my work.On my way to the underground station I saw a lady sitting on a roadside bench lonely, putting her head down.I asked, "are you OK?" She looked at me with hopelessness & eyes full of tears.I went toward her and asked what's wrong.She hold my hand and started crying.She then told me she was lost by expression & body language.She couldn't speak or understand English.There was a phone number and an address in her hand.I called that number for her but none was there to respond.I took her to the station mentioned in the address she was holding in hand.But now...I didn't know how to reach the exact location as I was not very familiar with the area.So I went to a police and let her know the problem.She was a very nice lady police officer.She assured me she would leave her to her home.If I would like to go I could.(By the time I came to know that the lost lady's home country is Ukraine and there was no stuff who could understand her language.)But the Ukrainian lady wouldn't let me go.So I stayed and left her to her house along with the police officer.She was immensely grateful and hugged me tightly.I could understand how relieved she was feeling!!I was happy too.
Another day by the end of the year I was going to my store (Iceland,a retail store) where I was working.I was feeling dizzy and sick.After getting off the bus it's a little walk towards my store.I was so dizzy & blank that I was about to fall down.A nice African lady rushed towards me and hold me."Are you all right my dear?"She was concerned.She took me into her arm and hold me for a while.I was so touched that I was feeling like to cry.She came with me and took me to the store.I was so sick that I couldn't even asked her name.A help from stranger!!
There might not be any connection.Just two different incidents! But I like to think it as a way of nature's responds.Whatever we do comes back to us, might be with slight alteration but with full reward! When you do something Good to some one, another Goodness will come to you & if you do harm to another than you also will surely get the feedback.This is how nature gives us answers.There is no other way.
Do good to others even if you can not see the immediate benefit of doing so. Universe will respond positively ALWAYS!

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