Thursday, January 8, 2009


Isn't it something occupies our mind around 90% of our life-time? Just think for a while, how many times you went to a store, selected something, saw the price tag & left the store without buying it!The reason--Your BUDGET is TIGHT!You CAN'T AFFORD it!! Don't you hate this? Don't we all hate this??
Consider another scenario-- you are watching television and it's showing some exotic places!! You just want to be there, in a happy vacation BUT you CAN NOT AFFORD it! Your BOSS WON'T give you holidays!! How painful is this? We all have similar (if not same) experiences.
We all want so many things in our life (which we fully deserve) but we have limitations.Either we lack money or we don't have free time!! How bad is that!! How it would be, if we don't have to worry about money or time? If we had ENOUGH MONEY in the bank and our time was actually OUR TIME?? The world would be a Disney Land--Full of colors & excitement!
BUT is that really possible?Having enough Money & Time Together? Now the BIG question comes-HOW?
Before going to How--- let us see what available options we have already.........
Forget an average JOB, you won't have enough money EVER to do the things you want and your Time is already bought by your company.
Now, the 2nd option.You might pursue a career as a professional like Doctor or Lawyer or an Engineer.Now the money will be better but you will be trading your time & expertise!! To make more money you have to devote more time.Eventually you will be tied up more than a regular job.Let alone the stress you'll develop over time!
The 3rd option- you might consider having your own business.Your business means you are the BOSS.But here are also some problems. The Risk is fully yours.You might make profits when you completely focus and mange well your business or you can lose your entire investment where there might be no fault at your side! Just might be an economical down time or a changed environment!!
So........? Isn't there any Hope.......?Can't we have Huge Money & Enough Time to Enjoy our Life.....?
SURE!!! There is ONLY ONE WAY!!!!
Starting a NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS! Now this business is slightly different from other businesses.Here you can set up a business with as little as less then a cup of coffee a day for a year!! This means you can own a Network Marketing business with less than $500. So the Risk is really really LOW.You will be in the business for yourself but not by yourself. You will have an entire group of people waiting to help YOU to GROW. So you can have expert knowledge. And you can Leverage the time of others. You will be making money on the total effort of your team members not just on your own!!So you can have TIME & MONEY FREEDOM both!
Basically NETWORK MARKETING is THE SOLUTION for Everything you ask.
Now I am finishing my BLOG with the famous quote:
"If you want 1 year of Prosperity,Grow Grain.If you want 10 years of Prosperity, Grow Tree.If you want 100 years of Prosperity, Grow People"
Network Marketing is a people business.The MORE PEOPLE you help to GROW, the MORE YOU GROW.
Wish you all a better future & better personal growth.

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