Monday, January 26, 2009


Hi all, I am Sanjida Hasnin, a home base business owner.Being in Network Marketing Industry for more than 3 years I have noticed that there are lots of misconseption about this industry.Some people think it might be pyramid scheme (Even though they don't know what Pyramid Scheme really is) and some think it as another scam.
Pyramid scheme is an illegal business where they don't focus on products,it more likely a money game where new people fall in trap to find another victim to get some money back.
Network Marketing has grown steadily for several decays and now got the reputaion of best business opportunity for any average person.This is an industry where an individual can start from zero and make millions.
As the popularity grows of Network Marketing several companies started to take advantage of this new storm.There are many companies claimming themselves as Network Marketing Company where they might not be good enough for you.
So when & if you decide to join a Network Marketing Company these are some qualities you should look for--
1 The Company Is Establsihed For More Than 5 Years.
2 It Has Global Presence.
3 Unique Product Range.
4 High Quality Consumable Products.
5 The Owner Is Experienced.
6 Not A Binary Network Marketing Company.
7 No Dowline Passing You.
8 Several Incentives On The Compansation Plan.
9 Permanent Position On Marketing Plan.

I hope these informations will help you.If you want to know more please feel free to visit my website You can email me at
If you would like to talk to me please skype me as sanjida.hasnin

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